Cristina Rojo is a Mexican multifaceted creative

she works as a fashion designer, artistic director, photographer, content creator and web designer currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico.  

Cristina studied Fashion Design and majored in Menswear, acquiring a great knowledge of tailoring techniques and great eye for detail. After graduating in 2013 from IED Madrid she trained with different local womenswear fashion designers in Madrid, where she gathered experience for women’s fashion and then moved to Mexico City to work for one of Mexico’s largest retail companies Almacenes García as a menswear designer. Her training and experience gave her the basis to launch her brand House of Red by Cristina Rojo in 2016, although it had been in the works since 2014. 

She currently divides her time between being the creative mind and fashion designer of her brand and doing photography and web design work.